As the first star appears in the sky tomorrow evening, Ukrainian Canadian families will gather to celebrate the traditional date of Christmas Eve.

“Christmas on January 7 is a centuries old tradition based on the Julian Calendar that is celebrated by not only Ukrainians – the second largest nation following the Calendar – but also many other nations who belong to Orthodox and Eastern rite churches. This tradition plays a very important role in spiritual and cultural lives of Ukrainians around the world, often referred as “Ukrainian Christmas,” states Daria Luciw, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council. We ready ourselves for Christmas with much ritual, planning the traditional twelve Lenten dishes for Sviata Vecherya (the Christmas Eve Supper) – symbolizing of the twelve Apostles who gathered at the Last Supper. Caroling from home to home, decorating and preparing homes for Christmas celebrations and attending church services are just some traditions followed between now and the Feast of Jordan on January 19. “On behalf of the UCC APC Board, I extend our heartfelt greetings to all Ukrainian Canadians in Alberta and all communities who are celebrating one of the most significant of Christian holy days – the birth Jesus,” wishes Luciw. “Christmas is time to appreciate the many blessings we enjoy and cherish, including our loving families, our sense of Ukrainian community and our Christian faith.”

Христос Раждається! [Khrystos Razhdajetsia!] Christ is Born!
Славіте Його! [Slavite Yoho!] Let Us Glorify Him!

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