Ukraine Remembers – the World Acknowledges


Міжнароднa Незгасима Свічка

The Remembrance Flame began its journey across Canada in Toronto, Ontario on April 18. The National Launch took place immediately prior to the opening of the exhibit Holodomor: Genocide by Famine at Toronto’s City Hall.

Canadian events titled “Keep the Flame Alive” were designed to remember the victims of the Holodomor while ensuring that the story is transferred from generation to generation, from Holodomor survivors to the youth. Commemorative programs emphasized the importance of sharing facts about the Holodomor with Canadians and continuing the awareness campaign going forward thus helping to ensure that similar atrocities are never repeated.

In April and May 2008, the Remembrance Flame in Canada visited Toronto (ON), Winnipeg (MB), Yorkton, Regina, Saskatoon, North Battleford (SK), Vegreville, Red Deer, Calgary, Edmonton (AB), Vancouver (BC), Niagra, Toronto, Hamilton (ON), Montreal (QB) and Ottawa (ON).

Stepan Ludwig Pasicznyk – LISTEN

Land of Plenty
Please tell me if it is true.
Land of Plenty
What they did to you?
Land of Plenty
They stripped your wheat fields bare
Land of Plenty
As if you were not there.

Land of Plenty
Your people lived off you
But it started
In nineteen thirty two.
Land of Plenty

Your people you could feed
But that year
You were robbed for foreign greed.

Land of plenty
Your people could not eat
Satan’ s soldiers
Collected all your wheat
In the name of
An ideology
That was written
To give equality.

Land of plenty
Refused the right to give
And Ukraine was
Refused the right to live.
Land of Plenty
As if you were not there
Land of Plenty
The Harvests of Despair.

Land of Plenty
Two years with empty hands
And the world still
Refused to understand
That your nation
Just wanted to be free
Land of Plenty
Of nineteen thirty three.